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UNECE Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision-making and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters UNECE PRTR Protocol Working Group on Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers (PRTR)


The Working Group was established following the recommendation of the 2nd Meeting of the Signatories to the Convention (Dubrovnik, Croatia, July 2000) and in accordance with the decision of the Committee on Environmental Policy at its seventh session (CEP/WG.5/2000/2, para. 28, and ECE/CEP/74, para. 30 (b) respectively). The PRTR Working Group has been charged with the task of preparing a legally binding instrument on pollutant release and transfer registers (PRTRs), with a view to having a draft text ready for adoption at the Kiev Ministerial Conference May 2003.

Articles 5.9 and 10.2(i) of the Aarhus Convention created the framework and process for the potential integration of current national Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers (PRTRs), cleaner production activities (e.g. UNEP CP Initiative) and improvement of the "right to know" processes. The union of ongoing international processes concerning sound management of chemicals, pollution prevention, and risk management with the Aarhus process can help countries in developing their own PRTR systems to serve the public and all stakeholders.

Great amount of knowledge and commitment can be monitored for example via UNEP, UNITAR, OECD, IFCS initiatives. Also the World Summit on Sustainable Development 2002 concluded with significant commitments to improve the lives and health of people by sound management of chemicals. Governments committed inter alia that by 2020, chemicals should be used and produced in ways that do not harm human health and the environment….

The PRTR Virtual classroom could play  positive role in monitoring the progress ("benchmarking") of the national PRTR systems.

Note: This homepage is only a temporary website established for the demonstration purposes and discussion of the PRTR Working Group by the Czech Ministry of the Environment and Environmental Partnership (EPCE). It is not an official site of the PRTR Working Group and does not represent the official standpoints and procedures of the PRTR Working Group.